First (unofficial) Session in the Studio

The first, albeit unofficial, session was a test session with our 3-month-old puppy, Poppy. 

In a new space test sessions are important, but this one was even more important. Here is why…

Puppies move around.  A lot. 

You want to catch them without having them blurry, that’s why flashes have always been important. They freeze motion. 

But people, and animals, don’t always appreciate having their retinas burned out.

So, in my main studio, I tested continuous (not flashing) lights through softboxes with a fast shutter speed.

And it worked.

The technology in cameras and lighting gear have come to a high-quality crossroads so people (or pets) don’t need to be flashed to freeze them, not all of the time but in a studio setting it is pretty darn good.

And now, if you’re sensitive to flashes I don’t need to use them

Speaking of technology, Photoshop has had more updates in the last three months than they’ve had in the last 30 years (or so it would seem). So I played with some Photoshop AI to put her in a castle.

And of course, while we are here, here are more pictures of Poppy.

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