Portrait Masters Awards

It’s been years since I’ve indulged myself by entering any kind of juried photograph competition. That changed in September when I decided to enter these pictures into the international Portrait Masters Awards organized by Sue Bryce Education with a jury of Master Photographers using their daunting judging criteria applied to 4,306 entries. 1st picture: BronzeContemporary Portrait CategoryI was at Billings Bridge preparing the studio for Easter Bunny pictures when there was a knock on the door - I answered and Luamah asked me if I could take his picture to send home to Africa. We spent the next fifteen minutes making some fairly typical pictures and then I switched gears to make this more dramatic portrait.2nd Picture: Bronze with Distinction Documentary Portrait CategoryThis is a new “challenge” category and when I watched Tony Carter introduce this part of the competition I knew exactly which picture to enter. When Brendan and Jannel told me that they wanted to make their engagement pictures at the family Homestead last May I knew that the, more than 2 hours, drive to Renfrew County would be worth it. I’m so thankful to them for allowing me to make more organic - storytelling - portraits with them as well as the more traditional engagement pictures. If you are interested in seeing all of the winning images check them out at this link where you’ll find a lot of inspiring images.https://suebryceeducation.com/award-galleries/Style evolves over time and I’m updating my offerings, branding and niched-down websites to reflect those changes.Website dedicated to People-Portrait photography:www.frankfenn.caWebsite dedicated to Architectural-Commercial photography:www.idea3.xyzWebsite dedicated to Santa Claus photography:www.holidaystudio.ca

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