Weddings in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario by Frank Fenn

Planning and Improvisation

Dreams become a reality because of efforts made in advance. 

Knowing you, your style and your comfort level forms the basis for results. Frank will work with you to deliver a clear brief, with your chosen locations, ideal times and your inspiration boards to work towards creating generational portraits that are planned and improvised.

A duo to make your dream day a reality

On the day of your wedding Frank works with his 2nd Photographer to create the portraits of your dreams.

Portraits, made professionally with the right tools and posing guidance

Frank carries three cameras with different lenses and uses off camera lighting to create clear
images of you with good posture and timelessness.

Editing - the Secret Sauce

Each photograph is edited to stand on its own and together to share your story. Frank personally edits all portraits for lighting, balance, cropping and blemish touch ups. Do you prefer dark & moody, light & airy, bright & saturated or maybe you're a fan of candids in black & white? Each photograph is made in raw format you can choose how Frank delivers the final images - and they can be a mix.

Six Hour Wedding: $3,200

250 unique edited digital photograph print resolution files (300 pixels per inch x 5,000 pixels on long edge)

10  Hour Wedding : $4,300

500 unique edited digital photograph print resolution files (300 pixels per inch x 5,000 pixels on long edge)

Retainer Payment Plans

Initial Retainer for all wedding photography: $1,000
Remaining retainer payments divided equally and paid at 2 and 4 months prior to wedding.

We accept E-Transfers and Credit Cards
$5 million liability Insurance
Frank Fenn, Photographer: registered DBA IDEA3 Photography

Bonus Engagement Session with 10 Hour Wedding Package

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