Wedding Photography by Frank Fenn

My approach to photographing each wedding is to be prepared in advance - prepared with the experience of photographing over 500 weddings and state of the art equipment with back ups but most important is the knowledge of 

1. the style(s) of photographs you would love 

2. the who/what to photograph 

3. the when/where timeline and 

4. the "you as a couple" factor.

1. Style. 

Your photographs will become a family heirloom and need to be a reflection of you. I am happy to take inspiration from your Pinterest-type mood boards and will have these pictures on hand as a style guide during your wedding day.

2. Who & What to photograph. 

While we cannot guarantee we'll get a picture of everyone, I do respect that they have all come dressed up and will be at their finest (and funnest). By knowing who the closest people to you are I can pay particular attention to making sure they are in pictures. 

Also knowing what activities are going to happen (and when) and any decor/symbolic elements and food items (cakes, bread etc.) will be there to be photographed take on lifelong significance when photographed prefssionally.

3. When & Where. 

Knowing where to be and at what time are essential to making your day as stress-free as possible. 

I will work with your timeline to create my own critical path that works with the Who/What list and Board influenced Style Guide for your wedding day.

4. You as a couple. 

The best way to photograph a couple (and their family/friends) formally, informally and creatively on the wedding day is to get to know them in a casual engagement/couple session - it's a one-hour session that is equal parts posing and informal candid pictures with conversation. 

My recommendations for choosing a wedding photographer

A) If you are familiar with how they conduct themselves and the results they are capable of, and these fit with your vision, hire them.

I'm not sure how you found me, the majority of the weddings I have photographed are either by referral or from couples who have seen how I work and the results of "live and in-person weddings".

B) If you are not familiar with the photographer, hire them for an engagement session - this will tell you, rather quickly, if you want them at your wedding and you'll get pictures to put on social media, wine labels and on your wedding website. 

My engagement session is $200 for a one-hour session anywhere in Ottawa in any weather (maybe not a heavy downpour, but those can be amazing pictures) or in my studio at Billings Bridge. If you hire me to photograph your wedding the $200 goes toward the first retainer fee.

If you aren't ready to have an engagement session and would like to see more examples of a complete wedding please send a message and I will share a gallery link to a complete wedding for you to see if there could be a fit.

Bronze, 4-Hours Wedding Day Photography: $1,000

  • 200 print resolution digital photographs with basic touch ups
  • one location on your wedding day

Silver, 6-Hours Wedding Day Photography: $1,500

  • 300 print resolution digital photographs with basic touch ups
  • up to two locations on your wedding day

Gold, 8-Hours Wedding Day Photography: $2,000

  • 400 print resolution digital photographs with basic touch ups
  • up to three locations on your wedding day

Platinum, 10-Hours Wedding Day Photography: $2,500

  • 500 print resolution digital photographs with basic touch ups
  • up to four locations at any time on your wedding day

* Add a second photographer to your wedding day: $50 per hour

**Retainer payment plans available, accepting credit cards and e-transfers.
Retainers for all wedding photography packages: $500

Wedding Photography

By Frank Fenn 

Prices for Eastern Ontario/Ottawa

Engagement Photography

Per hour on location: $250

  • 50 print resolution digital photographs, per hour, with basic touch ups

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