Professional Headshots in Frank Fenn's Smiths Falls Photography Studio

Your Headshot is your online handshake

Once the essential introductory picture for models, actors and performers, headshots have become the key defining first meeting with potential clients and employers. 

As a starting point you will use them on your LinkedIn and your Website's about page and then extend them into your business cards, flyers and signs - even billboards.

My goal is to move yourheadshot from being a painful "must-have" into a "want to have" as a tool that furthers your career goals and aspirations, each image is custom made for you. 

2-Hour In-Studio Headshot Session: $350

  • 12 Print-Resolution Digital Headshot Photographs
  • Gentle touch ups to your headshots
  • up to six wardrobe changes
    One to four people per reservation: RESERVATION LINK

1-Hour In-Studio Headshot Session: $250

  • 6 Print-Resolution Digital Headshot Photographs
  • Gentle touch ups to your headshots
  • up to three wardrobe changes
    One to two people per Reservation:  RESERVATION LINK

"One & Done" 15-Minute In-Studio Headshot Session: $125

  • 1 Print-Resolution Digital Headshot Photograph
  • Gentle touch ups to your headshot
  • One wardrobe 
    One person per Reservation:  RESERVATION LINK

I spent the wildest hour of my life yesterday getting headshots done with Frank Fenn and while I can honestly say that I still don’t consider myself photogenic, Frank worked wonders to give me the perfect professional headshots, alongside photos that I think really capture who I am. It’s tough to capture personality so accurately in what can traditionally be almost stodgy in nature, but Frank managed to produce professional photos where you could practically feel the warmth and fun I was experiencing at the time - because how can you not have fun with Frank. He put in an effort to make me feel comfortable, and I enjoy chatting with Frank so much I genuinely forgot what I was there to do at times! If you’re in the market for any kind of photos, I’d recommend giving Frank a shout.

Ashley McCallum - BMO

Contact Frank Fenn 613-276-3351 or via email: LINK

Or click this link to reserve an in-studio session: CLICK THIS LINK TO RESERVE

Professional Headshots in your Office

In your office or at your conference from Kingston to Ottawa
$125 per person
each person has a 15-minute session with a minimum of 4 people per on-site visit

Arriving 30 to 60 minutes prior to picture day time start for set up,

  • Online reservation schedule made for your company "picture day" with link for your team members to choose their time 
  • Strobe lighting
  • White backdrop
  • One (1) gently retouched print resolution digital picture for each team member
  • Images uploaded to a dedicated downloadable master gallery of all images for co-ordinator to use and distribute

Contact Frank Fenn with choice of dates either by phone, 613-276-3351, or by email: Frank Fenn

For properties outside Eastern Ontario - quoted separately


We accept all major credit cards with 50% retainer on reservation, 50% on delivery of web gallery.

Frank Fenn Photographer

The Artisan Village at the Falls

Studio 11

10 Maple Avenue - Smiths Falls ON K7A 1Z5

email: Frank Fenn

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