My aunt was a teenager in 1930's Toronto. 

One day she was walking down a busy street when a photographer ran out and asked her if she would come into his studio to be photographed. 

She said "yes". 

It was a different time.

The photographer made two pictures of her that day and a week later she walked by the studio and saw a group of people staring in the window. 

She walked over and could hear the comments about who the movie star could be. It was a picture of her. She held onto that legacy portrait and kept it displayed prominently on her coffee table for the rest of her life.

I keep this portrait on the wall of my studio as both a memory of my Aunt and a reminder of the value of beautifully crafted portraits and my responsibility in creating them for everyone who enters my studio.

Frank Fenn

Frank Fenn Photographer
IDEA3 Photography
Studio 11

The Artisan Village at the Falls
10 Maple Avenue - Smiths Falls ON K7A 1Z5

email: FF@IDEA3.CA

Fine Art Vanity Fair Style Contemporary Portrait Photography by Frank Fenn in Smiths Falls Studio


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